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Expeller pressed, Naturally refined,
Pure, 100% Coconut Oil.

This is a medium quality, mass-produced and refined coconut oil. It is far less expensive than virgin coconut oil, because itís made from copra, the dried nuts. Coconut palms produce nuts every month of the year. But farmers often do not have enough harvested copra to ship every week, never mind on a daily basis. It takes months for this raw material to reach the industrial processing plants. By then the copra is very dirty and rancid so that when the oil is extracted it must be chemically refined, bleached and deodorized (RBD).

Alpha Health RBD Coconut Oil has the free fatty acids removed by running the oil through diatomaceous earth, and lastly, the oil is steam distilled. This process yields a very pure, uncontaminated coconut oil, however, it is not a virgin coconut oil. All vitamins and natural adjuncts have been removed. The texture is light and creamy. Because of the refining process,

Alpha Products will not offer RBD CoconutOil as a food product and does not tollerate such an application of this kind of oil. Unlike others, Alpha object to the practice of selling this as a food product because of the legitimate statement that it is 100% organic. This oil is not recommended as a healing oil, or for use in the health kitchen, however, because of itís extremely low price it finds itís way for good use as a certified organic ingredient in commercial applications of the fatty acids, for instance for soap-making and cosmetics. It is also appropriate to use this oil for making chocolates bars, granola and other industrialized foods which want to claim to be organic.

Alpha is not providing RBD Coconut oil in consumer packaging.

Certified organic RBD Coconut oil
Available in

  • 200 liter drums - sold single or on pallets of 4

Certified Organic

Cosmetic Grade Organic Coconut Oil (not for consumption)
Available in

  • 200 liter Drums Ė sold single or on pallets of 4
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